STRIDE-L (180 CM X 270 CM)
KATVE-L (180 CM x 270 CM)


INARI-L (180 CM x 270 CM)

"Inari" is inspired by Lappish folklore and mythology, which believes that everything in the nature has a soul from rocks and trees to every living being all carrying knowledge and wisdom within. This idea is reflected to the design through diverse stripes with differing patterns and structures followed by folkloristic influence in the appearance. Awarded by DEmark Design Excellence Award. Designed by Sini Henttonen.
As Inari, all PDM mats are produced with high density weaving, finalisation with border and designing distinctive patterns to fit with contemporary living. Mats are waterproof and UV resistant, very light, easy to keep clean and possible to use on both sides.
Inari looks the same on the both sides of the mat and is available in all the three sizes:  90x200cm, 150x240cm and 180x270cm that are finalized with 5cm wide black border.
Dimension:  W 180 cm x H 270 cm

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