Warranty policy
Warranty condition
● We decliare that a warranty for a period of 1 year will apply subsequent to delivery to the customer, and the customer has signed for the goods.
● Any damaged / defect caused by inappropiate production.
● We reserve the right to analyse and determine how to fix, change spare part or other process as it may deem appropriate during the warranty period by providing free labor and spare parts. Delivery, transportation and outside service costs are the responsibility of the customer.
● To repair, change spare parts or other processes during the warranty period will not extend the warranty preriod.
● Regarding discovery of damaged / defect on the day of delivery, the customer is required to advise us on that day. Should the customer continue using the said damaged / defect goods,the warranty terms will become null and void.
● This warranty does not apply to consignment products or other brands distributed via Mood and Tone, the warranty will be applied by specific condition for each brand.
Warranty exclusion
● Any damaged / defect by inappropriate use of goods or incorrect assembly.
● Any damaged / defect by carelessness such as; coffee stain or cigaratte stain.
● Any damaged / defect from incorrect maintanance such as; using inappropriate cleaning products.
● Any damaged / defect from natural disasters such as; flood, fire.
● Clearance products or imperfect products.
● A minor difference in color or material  from pictures in our media.
● Regarding discovery of any defects the customer idecides to repair themselves, the warranty will become null and void.
● Any damaged / defect from delivery that Mood and Tone does not control for the whole delivery route.
*** Mood and Tone reserves the right to change service, delivery and spare parts costs without prior notice.***

Refund policy
Returned goods condition
Regarding change or refund of goods from the reserve to the delivery date.
● The customer is able to change the goods or change the payment for future purchases.
● Should the customer cancel the reserve, 25% will be deducted from the full product price.
● If the goods are not paid in full within 30 days of invoice date, the customer can only receive a refund in the form of a purchase cradit.
Regarding change or refund on the delivery date.
● The customer is able to change the goods or change the payment for future purchases.
● The customer is responsible for any additional costs arising from transportation or delivery.
● The return goods must be in the original condition, and packed into the original package as the day of delivery.
Refund exclusions
● Out of stock products which are pre-ordered, made by order products consignment goods and other brand products.
● Clearance products.
● The goods paid in full remaining in our warehouse more than 90 days
● After the day of delivery, or the customer has signed for the goods.
Refund condition
● The paid by cash or bank account transfer, Mood and Tone will refund via bank account transfer and reserve the right to deduct any fee from bank transfer.
● The paid by credit card via e-commerce or credit card machine in the showroom, Mood and Tone reserves the right to deduct any refund fee .
● The purchasing credit cannot be refunded for cash, but can be used as a credit for next purchase.

Reserve and Left Goods* policy
● The goods must be paid in full after Mood and Tone has sent an invoice within 30 days, otherwise Mood and Tone reserves the right to cancel the reserve, or sell the reserved goods. Mood and Tone will refund the reserve paid via purchasing credit, and will inform the customer before the process.
● The customer can leave the goods in our warehouse up to 30 days after full payment has been received.
● If leaving the goods in the warehouse for more than 90 days, please inform Mood and Tone in advance. Mood and Tone reserves the right to charge a storage fee on a case by case basis.

*Left Goods - those goods which have been paid in full, but remain in the warehouse.